What we do

We meet monthly, almost always in the Community Room of the Pelham Library.  The number of people coming to our sings varies from 8 or so up to 25 or so, although we had a huge RUSH at the time of Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday.

Typically we meet on Saturday night with an optional potluck supper at 6 and singing starting at 7, which goes on until everybody wears out and goes home, often around 10:30.  Sometimes instead we meet on Sunday afternoon around 3 and start singing right away – no potluck meal with that version, just munchies that people bring.  We use the Rise Up Singing book and now the new Rise Again book a lot, but not exclusively, since people often bring handouts with words to songs they want to share with the group.

I send out a notice when it becomes clear when and where our next RUSH will be, and then a reminder a few days before.  But to get this notice you have to be on our email list.

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