Big Change in how RUSH operates – as of January 2012

For many years we have been alternating back and forth, meeting one month on the Amherst/Pelham side of the river, then the next month on the Northampton/Florence side.  January is Amherst’s “turn” since in December we met on the Northampton side.

As things have evolved, there seem to be two almost totally separate groups of RUSH attendees, the Amherst group and the Northampton group, with only a tiny number of people who go back and forth to sing every month on the “other” (for them) side.

So the consequence is, the Amherst-side people get a RUSH only every two months, and so do the Northampton-side people.  Another development is that Roger and Shirley are feeling less and less like making the 45-minute drive to the western sings (and the 45-minute drive home) especially now that winter is coming on, with the drive in the dark and no doubt sometimes in the snow and ice and sleet and hail and slippery roads of winter.  And also Roger is feeling worse and worse about driving anywhere, anyway, while meanwhile being a missionary trying to get people (OTHER people!) to use less of those precious and finite fossil fuels.

You know what is coming next, don’t you?  It is that I have decided that from now on I will arrange and lead the RUSH sings every month, but always on the Amherst/Pelham side, and will turn the Northampton-side people loose to make their own arrangements for sings over there. There are several fine places to meet on that side (see them under the “Where we meet” website tab of our website), and all it will take will be for someone, or some group of people, to take the initiative to arrange the time and place for the sings, and then get together and sing! Naturally I will try to be helpful, like using this email list to send out notices of the sings on the western side.



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