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Two songs from Larry Penn’s CD, for RUSH on 10/22/11:
The Whisky’s Gone
It’s Time to Go
but you have to come to the RUSH to learn the whole songs!

Dancing in Front of the Guns
Words and music by Libby Roderick
c Libby Roderick Music 1991
BMI. All rights reserved
From Thinking Like a Mountain

We’re facing the guns again, we have faced them before
Humanity’s longing after so many deaths
For something more human than war
But part of me whispers “Take your body and run away.|
Leave the vision to somebody else,” then I hear myself say,

I’d rather be dancing at the edge of my grave.
I’d rather be holding you close as we march forward loving and brave.
I’d rather be singing in the face of my fear.
I’d rather be dancing in front of the guns as long as I’m here.

Life is so dangerous that there’s little to fear
Life is so possible, every breath a frontier
They’ve brought out the guns once again ‘cuz they haven’t a clue
That we could be dancing, the whole human race, each one must choose

And I’d rather be dancing at the edge of my grave…

To the drum of my heartbeat pounding up through my feet
With millions of lovers urging me on as we take to the streets
As we face the terror, if I leave here before my time
One thing’s for certain, I’ll go dancing and I’ll go alive!

And I’d rather be dancing at the edge of my grave…

Listen to it at http://new.music.yahoo.com/libby-roderick/tracks/dancing-in-front-of-the-guns–175428207

Easter Parade – Irving Berlin

Never saw you look quite so pretty before
Never saw you dressed quite so lovely what’s more
I could hardly wait to keep our date this lovely Easter morning
And my heart beat fast as I came through the door, For…

In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade
I’ll be all in clover and when they look you over
I’ll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade

On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue
The photographers will snap us
And you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure

Oh, I could write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet
And of the girl I’m taking to the Easter parade

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lk3YyU0E2E&feature=related for an Al Jolson version

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